Many people are sceptical about selling their cars online. It is understandable, given all the misunderstandings, misconceptions, and myths about selling cars online. We are here to bust these myths and provide you with accurate information on how you can easily and safely sell your car online, in no time at all.


1.Everybody is Out to Get Me

Not so, although, it is understandable why you might be suspicious about selling your car online. You hear all these horror stories, but the good stories hardly everget the same airtime. That does not mean the good stories are not out there. They are, and we are proof of them. We have helped many South African motorists sell their cars online in a hassle-free and easy way. Our professional car buyers cover the entire Gauteng, from the East Rand, West Rand, North and South of Johannesburg as well as Pretoria, and we come to you. Simply get a quote, book an appointment, and get paid. How much simpler can it be? We are ready to provide you with all the information needed to sell your car quickly and stress-free.


2. I Will Not Get a Good Deal

Not true either. You can get the same deal online than in a face-to-face deal. Selling your car online just facilitates the face-to-face deal once you are ready to sign on the dotted line. It adds a layer of convenience to the entire transaction. Instead of physically taking your car into a dealership for an initial assessment, you fill in a form online and you have the initial quote delivered to your inbox. Selling your car online does not mean that the papers are couriered to you by an anonymous delivery service, and you sign them and post them back, then drive your car to a nondescript parking garage and leave the keys under the wheel while you hope the electronic funds transfer reflects in your account the following morning. Nothing this sinister or adrenaline-inducing, we’re afraid! Instead, you merely make the first contact online, fill in key details of your car like its age, model, make, and whether or not it has ever been involved in an accident or not. With this information at hand, we are able to provide you with a preliminary quote, subject to a personal inspection by one of our expert car buyers.


3. It is Not a Binding Quote

Even though the quote you receive might be subject to a personal viewing of the carby the salesperson, there is still a reasonable meeting of the minds when you receive your initial online quote. As long as you are honest in your description of the car, and on key details like whether the vehicles been involved in an accident and it still has its original paint job, there should not be any reason why, after the personal assessment, the actual quote should wildly vary from your online quote, if at all. What is more, we come to you! Our seasoned car buyers drive to where you are, anywhere in the greater Johannesburg. Whether at home or at work, we drive to you. We will then performthe personal inspection appointment and make sure everything is in order beforewe can conclude the deal. It is just one more way in which we seek to offer ourvalued clients even greater peace of mind. Should the need arise, we can alsodrop you off anywhere in Johannesburg after concluding the deal.


4. I Cannot Sell My Car While It is Still Financed

This is another myth. In fact, we buy almost any make and model, as long as the car is drivable and you have all the papers at hand. We settle with your bank if the vehicle is under finance, so you do not have the hassle of dealing with the bank at all. It makes this an even smoother and more streamlined process for you. To sell your car quickly, easily, and safely, simply complete the application online. We prefer it if you can attach a few recent photographs of your vehicle, but it is not compulsory. You will receive an emailed response and a phone call from one of our car buyers, indicating how we can be of assistance. Remember, it is a free, no-obligation quote.